Discovery Workshop! 

A perfect blend of Biblical Theology, Self discovery, Church Vision and an invitation to Join the Mission!

Did you know that before you were born God had a dream for your life?  He had a plan for you to be a tremendous blessing to this world!  But you were never intended to do it without the support of a community!  Sometimes we are at a transition stage of life and we have to discover or re-discover our passion, conviction and calling! It doesn't matter where you are in the spiritual journey, this course is designed to help you grow in faith and friendship! 

After this 4 week workshop of one meeting per week, you will gain a clear and Biblical understanding of the "how and why" of what the bible refers to as "spiritual gifts".  You will learn their purpose and how you can use them to partner with God to bring His Kingdom to earth as it is in Heaven!

We are all gifted by God (Romans 12, Ephesians 4).  But we are not gifted for our own benefit.  Our gifts exist so we can partner with God in loving each other.  We will help you discover your God given gifts and how you can use your gifts to partner with God to love as He loves.   

If Village Christian Church is your home church, it makes so much sense to provide an opportunity for you to go deeper on mission of Village CC.  We will share the values that shape the vision of the church, discuss existing opportunities to serve and explain the process for creating new opportunities within the church.  You will also be presented with an opportunity to let us know that you are in with the mission of Village CC through membership.  

The suggested fee to cover the costs of the workshop is $50. This covers facilities, childcare, curriculum and meals. However, we would prefer you pay what you are able.  This course can change your life and we don't want anyone to miss out!  

(Childcare provided for all ages)


Suggested Cost: $50

(but please just pay what you're able) 

Location: Village Christian Church


Dates / Time / Details:  

  • Saturday's in May: (May 4th & 11th) 
  • 9am - 1:30pm at Village CC Fellowship Hall! 
  • Lunch and Childcare Provided!
  • We really want you to be blessed by this so please let us know how we can serve you so you can attend without distraction!

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